About Jessica


Jessica was born in southern California. She spent her high school years in New Zealand before returning back to her hometown of Redondo Beach where she spent much of her twenties. She spent a period of three years in Hawaii and now resides in her university town of Santa Barbara, California. While living all over the Pacific Rim Jessica was always drawn back to the Southern California lifestyle. 

Jessica’s visions of creating a brand that is inspired by her love of the all things California has come to life through Oddi Love.

"I have this intense childhood nostalgia when I drive up the Big Sur coastline. I still remember looking out the window of my parents 1980 Westfalia at the wild turquoise pacific, warm wind in my hair, intoxicating smell of sage brush and bay leaves and Fleetwood Mac playing in the background. It feels like home to me. I would go on to revisit this same journey many times throughout life, creating memories in college and now with my own child."

These experiences were so unique to the California lifestyle that when she was away, living in equally beautiful places, her heart ached for the feeling of home. Jessica started making hats to help her feel connected to the layers of memories that she was missing. She used vintage fabrics from her Dad’s old shirts from the 70's. People went crazy for them. 

"Some of my earliest memories include days spent at the beach and bodysurfing with my dad"