Freuently Asked Questions


Does Oddi Love make other products besides hats or pillows?

Currently Oddi Love only offers its one of a kind handmade hats and pillows. Look out for new products this spring 2018.

How do I care for my Oddi Love hat?

Wiping most marks with a damp cloth should be sufficient. For tougher stains a tiny amount of mild dish soap can be used. Most hats can be placed on the top rack of your dishwasher and washed on a delicate cycle using no detergent, however we will not take responsibility for damaged hats. Oddi Love hats are well made but they are a hand crafted product. They are durable but should be treated with care to best preserve its freshest appearance. 

Can I request a custom hat?

We offer custom hats on a case by case scenario.  We take great care to only put our name on designs we feel passionate about and would wear ourselves. Please email us and we would be honored to consider collaborating on a custom project.

Can I send my own materials to Oddi Love to be used for a custom hat?

We go to great lengths to source fabrics and materials that we know you will love. If you have fabric that you would like to have used on a custom hat please contact us. Custom projects and collaborations are considered on a case by case scenario.

Wholesale Inquiries?

If you are interested in representing Oddi Love please contact us>>.

Does Oddi Love sell kids sized hats?

Oddi Love offers hats in two sizes, youth and one size fits all. Our smaller youth sized hats are great for both youths and smaller adult heads. Our designs do not cater specifically to youth or adult tastes. Each hats is unique. The size of the hat is clearly marked. Be sure to double check the size of the hat before you finalize your purchase.  

What is the Oddi Love return policy?

All Oddi Love sales are final. Please let us know if you are unhappy with your purchase or if it comes to you damaged. We value our customers and so we will do our best to work with you and meet your needs. 

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