Our Process


"I would never make a product that I would not wear myself. It's important that I believe whole-heartedly in each item. There is a ton of love put into each creation".  - Jessica Oddi

1) Each item is carefully handcrafted. The creative process is a combined mix of organic selection and strategic design. Most of the fabrics we use are sourced from either second hand stores, excess from manufactures gifted from a personal collections, estate sales, or created ourselves. We look for unique fabrics that evoke a feeling of nostalgia, provide an eye catching color palette and that can create a cohesive look that best represents the Oddi Love brand. 

2) Next we lay out all of our blank hats, fabrics and threads and start pairing all the possible combinations. This can often take hours of thoughtful consideration.

One by one each hat, thread and fabric combination is carefully handcrafted into a one-of-a-kind collage of sorts.

"Everything down to the thread color and how I decide to angle my stitches is intentional." - Jessica Oddi

3) Once the product is complete and we are 100% happy with the outcome, it's listed and waits for its new owner to find it. Once the hat is purchased we box it into one of our personalized Oddi Love boxes and send it off with a ton of love. 

"I get so much joy out of the whole process. It's a selfish love affair for me and a dream come true when someone falls in love with an Oddi Love hat." - Jessica Oddi